• Post annual maintenance work which concluded in August we have now changed the time items are kept in My Found Stuff relative to their end date (this is the original end date when we first found item). Previously this was 60 days and has been reduced to 21 days as of 9th September 2014.
  • Annual system maintenance work was completed in August 2014. We are now making some administrative changes to StuffAlert in the following areas; (1) My Found Stuff and (2) Archiving/Found items. These changes do not effect the way in which you input into StuffAlert.
  • Starting 22:00 UTC August 16th 2014 and ending 23:59 UTC 17th August 2014 we are carrying out essential annual maintenance work on our website StuffAlert.com. During this time the website will not be available to use. Given the nature of the work StuffAlert.com email eBay alerts will not be sent nor will we be searching eBay during this time. We will endeavour to finsih the work as soon as we can, however we will if necessary extend the maintenance period so as to complete our tasks.
  • Starting July 24th 2014 we are carrying out annual maintenance work on our website StuffAlert.com. This work is expected to take up to 36 hours and during this maintenance period the website we be available from time to time. Users registered before this time will be able to use the website (when online) however no new registrations are being accepted during this period. StuffAlert.com email eBay alerts are not effected and will continue to be sent to registered users.
  • 25 June 2014 - StuffAlert have detected a problem that was causing emails sent to mail.ru email addresses being blocked by mail.ru email servers. This issue is now resolved as of June 26th 2014. We recommend adding StuffAlert email addresses to your mail.ru Contacts.