Verifying our eBay alerts email address

System Message from : StuffAlert Support    |    Date : 10th March 2015.

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Verifying our Email address

More people are starting to use third party email applications that specifically verify email addresses. At StuffAlert we support the use of best practices for managing SPAM and JUNK email.

Your eBay finds (StuffAlert eBay alert emails) are sent from an unmonitored email address ( We have noticed an increase in the use of such applications by some of our users, that request in response to the StuffAlert eBay alert emails we send, that we verify our email address.

The process requires us to verify that we are a real live human being and not a spam source; along with completing the verification step in a timely manner. We do not actively monitor our alert email address for replies. When we do come across a verification email reply, the verification content of that email will have expired on your system, therefore we are then not able to verify our email address.

System Updates

The verification of email addresses is a manual process our end, as we more often than not have to respond to email that contains a specific security link that when action completes the verification of our email address. As already mentioned the verification requests sent to our email address mentioned above is to an unmonitored email account. It is used purely for sending requests to our registered users.

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What you should do

You need to advise us in advance that you use such a verification application with your email. To do this please use the Contact Us form and the Category "Technical Assistance Required / Report a Problem". We can then respond to your message and go through your email verification process with you in a time-bound manner.

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Additional Recommendation

StuffAlert searches eBay for you 24/7, 365 days a year; however, StuffAlert Support is only available during the working week, Monday to Friday. We do on occasion do respond to Contact Us messages over a weekend or holiday, but for the action needed for this task we can only do this during a working week (Monday - Friday), so please bear this in mind.

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For more information about how to stop our emails being marked as SPAM or JUNK please click here to read our FAQ on the subject.

Please don't hesitate to Contact Us if you have any further questions.

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10th March 2015