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System Message from : StuffAlert Support    |    Date : 10th September 2014.

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My Found Stuff

StuffAlert Users have a feature called My Found Stuff, this feature is where we put all the items we find based on the Users Alerts they have set up. The items in My Found Stuff are kept a period of time (days) past the items end date (the end date being the end date when we first found the item). After reviewing the use of My Found Stuff by our Users we have decided to reduce the time items are kept and was advised in our System Message of 28th August 2014.

System Updates

Items are kept in a Users account and My Found Stuff for 60 days past the items end date (this being the end date of the item when we first found and alerted the User). This has now been reduced to 21 days and came into effect on the 9th September at 12:00 GMT. Please note these changes do not effect the way in which you input into StuffAlert.

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What you should do

As previously advised, you don't need to do anything to your existing or new Alerts or anything in My Found Stuff. Items are stored in My Found Stuff are provided as a back-up to the emails sent with the same found items. It was put in place so you had the assurance that if you accidentally deleted or lost an email or you rather have one place with all your finds then you can always check what has been found for you in My Found Stuff.

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Additional Recommendation

We recommend that you periodically check My Found Stuff and delete items that are no longer of interest to you. This will help maintain a list of found items that is useable in terms of found items to review.

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Please don't hesitate to Contact Us if you have any further questions.

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10th September 2014