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System Message from : StuffAlert Support    |    Date : 9th April 2016.

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Account Maintenance

Spring is now here and we are doing some Spring cleaning of StuffAlert. Throughout the year we perform house keeping tasks on our systems and databases. To help us with this process please ensure you keep your account upto date in terms of your details and alerts.

System Updates

There are no specific system updates associated with this other than user accounts we determine as inactive or dormant will be managed out of the system.

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What you should do

To help us we ask that you periodically ensure that your details (especially email) are kept up to date as well as managing the alerts you have with us. Alerts can be edited, paused or deleted. It is of no use to you or us if we keep sending you emails with items we find that are no longer relevant or of no interest to you anymore.

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Additional Recommendation

As much as we don't like to see you leave, if you no longer need to use StuffAlert, please request to cancel your account with us.

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  • How to cancel your account with StuffAlert - Read more

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Please don't hesitate to Contact Us if you have any further questions.

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9th April 2016