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System Message from : StuffAlert Support    |    Date : 25th June 2014.

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We have recently uncovered that StuffAlert emails being sent to some Users that have email accounts have been blocked by email servers. This problem has also effected New Users registering with email accounts, as the verification emails we send have not been reaching the User. The problem we detected is unique to emails we have sent to some, not all, email accounts.

System Updates

We have worked closely with Support to address this issue so that StuffAlert emails (, and are no longer blocked and therefore get delivered to StuffAlert Users with email accounts.

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What you should do

We always recommend you add our email address(es) (, and to your Contacts ('address book') to prevent our email messages being filtered as spam or junk.

  • Alert emails
    ( are controlled via your StuffAlert account by editing your email frequency preference for your alert(s).

  • Newswire and Admin emails
    ( and are controlled by either opting out (using links at bottom of the respective email or by your Communications Preferences within your StuffAlert account).

Useful links :

  • StuffAlert Email Communications Preferences - read more
  • Avoiding StuffAlert emails being regarded as Spam/Junk - read more

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Additional Recommendation

The nature of the StuffAlert service is that we send you Alert emails when we find items on eBay that match the Alerts (keyword searches) you have saved with us.

Depending on the item(s) you are looking for you may get a considerable volume of finds and therefore emails sent to you by us based on how you have set up your Alerts.

If this is the case, it may be that your search is too broad and you should think about refining the search criteria and/or splitting the search across multiple Alerts. You may also want to consider changing your email frequency setting for each Alert.

By taking these steps you may reduce the volume of Alert emails we send to you and also get better and more relevant results, based on the choices you want to make.

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Please don't hesitate to Contact Us if you have any further questions.

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25th June 2014