Fair usage of StuffAlert

System Message from : StuffAlert Support    |    Date : 11th April 2016.

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Fair usage of StuffAlert

StuffAlert is currently a free service that allows you to search eBay and get notified when keyword searches for items you have saved with us are found on eBay. We founded our service on the principal of searching eBay for "hard to find" items or stuff that is not listed regularly on eBay.

It is important to us as a provider of a service that the information we send and hold for you is relevant and manageable.

Also we have to manage our reputation on the internet as a sender of lots of emails and this too has a bearing on limits we feel are appropriate.

Therefore, as part of our periodic maintenance of our systems and databases we will be identifying user accounts where the use of our service breaches what we deem as a "common sense fair usage policy", and will be taking necessary actions to manage these situations for the benefit of all our users and service.

System Updates

We have within our system measures and processes that limits the number of items found before you can save an alert, as well as processes that manage situations where the amount of items found for an alert saved with us are limited.

We don't want to set StuffAlert eBay alerts limits as a number, but operate a " common sense fair usage policy " as to what is an acceptable amount of saved alerts and therefore subsequent information that can be usefully managed (emails sent in a given period and items stored in My Found Stuff) by a user.

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What you should do

We ask that when you save alerts with us, you keep the amount you have with us manageable. Our systems, especially My Found Stuff are not geared to handle efficiently, significant numbers of items for a single user in a way that is practicable.

Equally, the number of emails we send you needs to be manageable by you. Although you can ensure that we are not treated as spam or junk mail by your email service provider ("ESP"), the sheer number of StuffAlert emailed eBay alerts that could be sent over a given period (hour/day) could trigger us to be regarded by some ESP software filters as the behavior of a spammer and therefore block all our traffic. Should this situation occur, then this will not only effect the user in question but all users that use the same ESP.

Therefore we ask that you manage your account accordingly, refer to the links below for advice and guidance on these tasks.

Useful links :

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Additional Recommendation

Please get in touch if you require more information as to using StuffAlert and the number of saved eBay keyword search alerts.

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Please refer to our Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy for the use of StuffAlert.

Please don't hesitate to Contact Us if you have any further questions.

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16th April 2014