• We take your privacy very seriously and want to ensure that each and every user feels comfortable in providing personal data. To comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) that became law in the EU and UK on 25th May 2018 we have updated our privacy policy.
  • To maintain our service we need to ensure that StuffAlert users adhere to a fair usage policy of our Service. Simply put, the number StuffAlert eBay alerts is limited to an amount that is manageable. This is needed to ensure that (1) the information we send you is of value and (2) that our systems are not encumbered by lots of non-elevant processing.
  • Periodically to help us manage our systems we carry out maintenance tasks on our systems and databases. It is important the StuffAlert users keep their account details up to date. User accounts that we determine are obsolete or inactive will be managed out of the system.
  • We have encountered a problem with sending emails to our users that have Microsoft email addresses (@hotmail.com, @hotmail.co.uk, @live.com, @live.co.uk, @outlook.com and @msn.com) which started on the 4th April 2016. The issue is that emails being sent are not getting through as they are being stopped by Microsoft Servers. We are working with Microsoft and our ISP to resolve the issue, which is unfortunately outside of our direct control and will advise as soon as the matter has been resolved.
  • We have noticed that users are now more proactive around dealing with SPAM/JUNK email and are using email clients/services that include email verification process. At StuffAlert we support best practices for dealing with SPAM/JUNK email and are happy to ensure our messages are not treated as SPAM/JINK mail. However, the verification process needs us to real-time interact with the process, please read the attached message on verifying our email address.