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As we move into the summer months (Northern hemisphere) you continue to find lots on eBay using StuffAlert the eBay alerts service. To help more people from aroudn the world search eBay we also in this month added in the ability to search and create eBay alerts for items being listed on  eBay Australia, Canada, India, Ireland and Singapore.

Our eBay alerts service continues to find many varied and sometimes unsual items, that this months montage shows. From household goods to fashion; electronics to jewlery and watches; scientific equipment to cars and motor parts, it continues to be a wide spectrum of things we find for you.  If its on eBay we will find it for you. We've helped thousands bag a bargain without the need to spend hours (and precious time) trawling eBay themselves!

In 'times' gone by June saw the Patent of Coca-cola label and Goodyear (vulcanized rubber) in 1887 and 1844 respectively. Born in 1850 Karl Ferdinand Braun, German scientist who invented the first oscilloscope aka the Braun tube, and invented a form of wireless telegraphy, Nobel Prize 1909.

Moving on a bit June 1915 saw the birth of  Les Paul (1929-2009), American inventor who founded Les Paul guitar, and invented sound-on-sound, the eight-track recorder, over-dubbing, the electronic reverb effect, multi-track tape recording. In 1929 the first color television was demonstrated in New York City and 1963 saw the first demonstration of a home video recorder which took place at BBC Studios in London, England.

More recently 1980 saw Atari's "Asteroids" and "Lunar Lander" being the first two video games to be copyright registered.

In past 10 years (2002-2011) June 30th has not fallen on a Saturday, good news is that it does for 2012!

The best fact is that using StuffAlert for creating and setting up automatic eBay alerts to find items as soon as they are listed on eBay is the best way to bag a bargain without the need to spend a lot of your time in front of your computer!

The new StuffAlert helping you finding even more than ever, so we're just glad to help. Thanks to all for using our service and keep searching !

The StuffAlert Team