Summer of 2011 your July Stuff

Here is a snapshot of some interesting items we found for our loyal StuffAlert Users in July 2011 based on the Alerts they have set up with us. As usual there is a varied bunch of items, but here is the list of the ones that "caught our eye":

  • Fender Japan Non-Export Jaguar Electric Guitar
  • Apple iPad 2 16GB Wi-Fi
  • Numark CDX Digitial CD Player Turntable Vinyl DJ
  • EMC CLaRiiON CX4-240SP with Memory
  • VA Harry Smiths Complete Anthology Folk 8 Album (Vinyl Record) set
  • Garmin Zum 220 Motorcycle GPS UK & EU
  • Marc Ecko Leather Skeleton Watch
  • Zenith 5s119 Table Radio
  • Apple TV 160GB
  • The Tremolessence by Dr. Scientist (Guitar Accessory)
  • Champion Juicer GS-NG-853S
  • Quaysider Fishing Rowing Boat Tender GRP Dinghy


If you are into Music, playing it (Guitars and Guitar accesories), listening to it (Albums), performing (DJ - CD players) or simply enjoying listen to anything on the airwaves day to day (Radio); we can find it.

If you are a Technology hunter, be it the latest from Apple (iPad and Apple TV), or portable Satellite Navigation; we can find that for you too.

If you are a Boater, we will even help you stay a float and get to the quay by finding that Boat, Dinghy or Boating Accessory you are looking for; we will get that for you.

If you are into your own Juices, then we can find that bargain Juicer for you.


No matter what you are looking for, be it electronics, watches, musical instruments, records (Albums, CD), computer equipment/parts; you can be sure our simple, free and easy to use service will help you find all these and much much more.

Thanks again to all our StuffAlert Users, continue to enjoy success in finding Stuff at a price that works for you...

     The StuffAlert Team ...