Rare first edition book

I have spent m  any hours trawling the internet fuelling my passion for collecting rare novels. eBay is a   good source, however tended to spend many hours search rather than enjoy the spoils of my labours. A friend of mine came across this new site StuffAlert and suggested I gave it a try.

So I went in and set up various StuffAlert searches for the novels I was looking for and within a couple of weeks I got an email with an eBay link to a copy of a first edition 1964 copy of Ian Fleming's "YOU ONLY LIVE TWICE".  

I could not believe my luck, the listing showed it was in great condition. Needless to say I applied the usual cunning and tact around the bidding process and won the item at a price which was at least 50% less than respected valuations for this title in the condition offered. 

I will keep searching, you definitely have made finding antique books easy for me

Thank you very much StuffAlert.


James from Oxford