The Last of your Summer finds!

Various items found on eBay using StuffAlert, the eBay alerts service

August was an exiciting month as StuffAlert users in Australia and Canada began finding and buying items on their local and markets. As with and electronics and gaming proved popular with successful purchases of Nintendo DSi, Sony PSP consoles, Apple earphones and mass storage media.

Musicians lovers were also busy buying unusual instruments like Musser Gold Vibe bars as well as vinyl records and the Guitar Hero game to rock out to scores of the Aerosmiths great hits.

But lets not forget the collectors amongst our StuffAlert users who added vintage TVs and phones as well as rare books, magazines and playing cards to their collections.One enterprising user was quick off the blocks bidding and winning 2012 Olympic Gold Medalists Stamps - likely future collectibles.

One StuffAlert user even managed to bag a rather fancy BMW twin turbo sports car.

But don't forget that you can also use StuffAlert to help find the more mundane as our users who found cushion covers, camera batteries and steak knives demonstrate. 

Search eBay now and if you don't find what you're looking for set up an alert and wait for StuffAlert to let you now when the item has been listed. With 7 eBay markets to search - why not search now.