July in the sun, we find your stuff!

Well hopefully most of you are enjoying similar views as depicted in our picture, resting and relaxing on a beach somewhere, that inspired our headline -  July ('you lay') in the sun, we find your stuff - that you are looking for on eBay!

The good news is that use StuffAlert and don't worry about missing anything you are looking for on eBay. Set up your searches with us and we will send you eBay alert emails when the item we are looking for you gets listed, its as easy as that. To find out more about StuffAlert, click here.

  • July Facts

The month of July takes it name from Julius Ceasar. In the Northern hemisphere it is second month of summer and normally the warmest month, in the Southern hemisphere its the coldest month.

On 21st July 1969, Apollo 11 landed on the moon, with Neil Armstrong being the first man on the moon.

Independence Day - 4th July 1776 was the beginning of United States of America being an independent nation (actually there is a view it is the 2nd, google it to find out more!). Back then it was estimated that there were 2.5 million people in the new independent nation, in 2012 the population of the USA is approximately 314 million!

  • July Finds

Various items being searched for and found using StuffAlert the eBay search tool

This month there was the collection of usual as well as unusual items that people were searching eBay for and were found with the help of StuffAlert, the automatic eBay search tool (think of it as your personal eBay assistant!).

We are sure with the global interest in the Olympic Games there will be increased activity related to all and everything to do with the games. (By the way its already started - the interest on eBay).

  • July Features

We added the ability to search more eBay markets (namely Australia, Canada, India, Ireland and Singapore) in June and this months (Jouly) eBay alerts show that people are taking advantage of this feature.

In the pipeline are plans for the addition of more eBay markets plus some additional searchfeatures that peole (are suggesting would be useful.

So keep coming back to StuffAlert to find out what's happening, which will also be shared in our StuffAlert Newswire updates which we will be sending out very soon.


The new StuffAlert helping you finding even more than ever, so we're just glad to help.
Thanks to all for using our service and keep searching !

The StuffAlert Team