What is StuffAlert

   So what is StuffAlert all about ?

  • StuffAlert is a eBay compatible application
    (tested and approved for use with eBay by eBay)
  • StuffAlert is not a replacement for eBay
    it's a companion eBay search tool , just helping you search
  • StuffAlert is a simple and efficient way of saving specific eBay searches and alerting you when listings match
  • StuffAlert is designed for eBay buyers connecting them to sellers of the items they are looking for

That's it!

     StuffAlert features

  • Set up & manage alerts even if we  find items during the alert set up process
    ( provided 200 or less items are found)
  • You can filter your search by eBay category or  not
    ( default search category is ALL)
  • Apply Advanced Filter  Options
    ( Buying formats - Buy It Now, Auction or Any (default) )
    ( Condition - New, Used, Not Specified or Any (default) )
    ( Search including - Title and Description )
    ( Price - From and To ) 
  • Choose how soon you want to be  emailed when we find stuff
    ( email frequency - Standard, Daily or Never, learn more)
  • All your finds are kept for you in your account's  'My Found Stuff'
    ( peace of mind - one place where all your finds are kept for you)
  • Does not use your eBay credentials (eBay username & password), you create a separate account with us
  • Does not cost you anything - gives you back time!
StuffAlert - eBay the easy way !


StuffAlert is all about simplicity (the whole user experience), we evaluate carefully every change we make to ensure we maintain our mantra of 'keeping things simple'.

eBay Global market place - StuffAlert Global coverage

StuffAlert allows you to search and be alerted (via email)  when items match your search for the following eBay markets (Countries) : US, UK, Australia, Austria, Belgium (French & Dutch), Canada, Canada (French), France, India, Italy, Ireland, Germany, Netherlands, Singapore, Spain & Switzerland.

     StuffAlert Finds

There are lots of things that people are using StuffAlert to find and buy on eBay, we have a section called 'StuffAlert Finds' which contains great deals we have found for you on eBay as well as articles on what people have been looking for and buying, including some specific user 'scuccess stories' they have shared with us.


     News & StuffAlert Newswire

We from time to time publish StuffAlert Newswire articles covering the latest updates and information from us at StuffAlert. Also News stories, press releases as to enhancements we make or noteworthy information about the eBay eco system (including PayPal).

We also have a specific eBay news section that automatically pulls in lots of stories from various sources about the world of ebay.



Here you will find lots of useful information about ebay; from some basics to more advanced knowledge. Its' purpose is to help buyers with stuff that is good to know about ebay and searchingand buying on ebay, all of it all geared towards enhancing ebay buying knowledge and experience.


     Feedback and getting in touch

User suggestions are important, feel free to let us know your thoughts (whatever they may be) as we believe we can only improve based on what you tell us, so please use Contact Us to get in touch. You can of course get in touch about any matter regarding StuffAlert.

We have a Help section including specific Frequently Asked Questions and 'How to.....' sections, which cover most questions about StuffAlert and how to use it. But of course if you can't find the answers there then please get in touch via the Contact Us form.



Brief History

Created in 2007 as a web tool to help eBay buyers locate rarely listed or hard to find items on eBay (US & UK). It allowed you to set up a keyword search and at the point there were no matches, you could save it as an alert. StuffAlert keeps searching ebay 24/7 and when a listing matched your saved alert (keyword search) you got an email detailing the item(s) found (in a view similiar to that if you were looking on ebay directly) allowing you to click on item taking you straight to eBay and you decide what to do next. Read more about us.

StuffAlert was updated in early 2012 with many new features added (quite a few suggested by users), it still searches eBay 24/7 but we have made some subtle changes with more to follow. The new version of StuffAlert also included a new website and brand marque (the whole look and feel). The StuffAlert website contains lots of information and content all geared towards supporting your overall eBay searching and buying experience using StuffAlert. We like to think of it as your own personal ebay search assistant (that does as it is told!), searching for you 24/7.


The StuffAlert Team