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Searching ebay using StuffAlert

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Keywords are at the heart of searching ebay.

Originally StuffAlert was designed solely to locate hard to find items and send out email ebay alerts when an item matching your keywords was listed. It was only possible to create an alert when no items were found matching your keywords. We therefore recommended that you were as detailed as possible when entering your keywords.

Put simply the more specific you were about the item you were looking for the more accurate your search would be.

However, existing users told us they wanted the ability to create alerts even where items had been found by StuffAlert searching ebay. We agreed.

We understood that the items StuffAlert found might not be exactly what you were looking for and so wanted the option to keep looking more broadly. Perhaps some of you wanted to do some market research in real time before bidding on an item.

Now you can create an alert if less than 200 items are found. We choose 200 items because we think it provides a good sense of the market for the item you’re looking for.

Remember any items found initially together with any new items are listed in ‘My Found Stuff’. This provides you with a complete record of all the items StuffAlert has found matching your keywords even if you have deleted all your email alerts!

Use StuffAlert to bid, monitor current auctions or wait for new listings and to help decide your bidding strategy!

If your reason for searching ebay is to get an idea of what is available you can use less specific keywords initially and then refine your search by adding things like colour, size, model etc. You have complete flexibility to choose when to save your search and create an alert.

Remember if StuffAlert is not finding items that match what you are looking for you can always edit the keywords in your alert. Simply go to ‘My Options’ and click on ‘My Alerts’, click here to find out more.

ebay sites

You can use StuffAlert to search many different ebay markets (ebay sites).

At the current time you can only search ebay and create alerts to find items on ebay US, UK, Canada (English & French), Australia, Austria, Belgium (French & Dutch), France, Germany, India, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Singapore, Spain and Switzerland.

It is our intention to add more eBay markets to StuffAlert and we will keep you posted of our expansion plans.