ebay categories

When creating an alert you have the option of selecting a category which restricts your keyword search to that category.

Categories may seem like a quick and easy way to narrow down your search. But keep in mind that an ebay category is just a list of items sellers have decided belong under that heading.

Sellers can make mistakes when categorising their items. You may have a better chance of finding exactly what you’re looking for where an item is difficult to find because it has been wrongly categorised.

An ‘All’ search might be worth trying before you apply a category. You may need to keep your search fairly specific to avoid the StuffAlert 100 item limit before you can create an alert and use the Auction / Buy It Now filter if appropriate to restrict your search further.

If you’re not happy with the results in your ebay alerts edit them. Simply sign in go to ‘My Alerts’ tick the box next to the alert and click on the edit button. Change your category selection and save your revised search.

Note: Because StuffAlert is doing a new search you may be shown items that StuffAlert has found before.