When to use an 'OR' search

StuffAlert uses ‘AND’ searches. So StuffAlert must match each and every keyword to find a listing that matches your search. The more words you use the more specific your search and hopefully the more likely you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for.

But if you want to search for variations of the same thing such as first edition books by a particular author such as John Steinbeck you can create an ‘ORsearch.

Simply put your keyword variations separated by commas in brackets for example :

    John Steinbeck first edition (grapes of wrath, east of eden, of mice and men, cannery row)

You can also use the OR search to capture items that can be described in different ways.

For example you might be interested in a Louis Vuitton bag which could also be listed as a purse or handbag. To capture all variations your search becomes :

    Louis Vuitton trivoli pm (bag,handbag,purse)


To learn more about advanced search logic that can be used click here.

TIP : As you can no longer use a singular term plus a wildcard (*) to capture listings where a plural has been used so you may need to include the plural in your brackets.

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