StuffAlert searches ebay US and UK

StuffAlert started life in 2007 as a tool that helped ebay buyers look for those rarely listed or hard to find items on ebay (US and UK).

Slowly overtime the user base grew and user suggestions came in as to how to improve the service. People liked the service but wanted it to do more.

In 2012, a new version of StuffAlert (2.0) was released, embracing many of the subtle features users had asked for and planned changes from The StuffAlert Team.

So what is StuffAlert all about ?

  • StuffAlert is a ebay compatible application (tested and approved for use with ebay by ebay)
  • StuffAlert is not a replacement for ebay -  it's a companion ebay search tool , just helping you search
  • StuffAlert is a simple and efficient way of saving searches and alerting you when listings match
  • StuffAlert is designed for ebay buyers connecting them to sellers of the items they are looking for

That's it!

Since the update of StuffAlert earlier in 2012 more features have been added and more to follow.

ebay Global market place - StuffAlert Global coverage

StuffAlert now allows you to search and be alerted when items match for the following ebay markets (Countries) :

 Australia, Canada, France, India, Italy, Ireland, Germany, Netherlands, Singapore, Spain & Switzerland

It all started back in 2007 with searching ebay US and UK - now the total is 13 and rising....

American and UK Flags meged as one

User suggestions are important, feel free to let us know your thoughts and use Contact Us to get in touch.

More information about StuffAlert click here.