StuffAlert Newswire - Issue 1

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issue 1 - December 2012 - 2012 roundup

Welcome to the first StuffAlert Newswire. You’ll find updates on what’s happening at StuffAlert plus information and tips to help you get the most out of ebay.

Alerts can be created where items are found

Back in March this year when StuffAlert was relaunched a limit of 25 items applied before you could create an alert. In response to requests, that limit has just been increased to 200.

Help us decide the right limit that makes StuffAlert as useful as possible to you. Click here and tell us what you think.

StuffAlert now covers 13 countries

From June this year you could search ebay Australia, Canada, Hong Kong, India, Ireland and Singapore and from October ebay France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Switzerland and Spain as well as the US and UK.
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Advanced Search Filter

You may also have noticed last time you created an alert an Advanced Search button. This lets you choose to search just Auctions or BINs (Buy It Now) listings. If you don’t choose StuffAlert searches for both.
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What advanced search feature shall we add next? - You decide by answering a simple question, click here to take the survey.

Changes to ebay search

If you saved wildcard (*) searches you’ll have received an email letting you know that this feature was no longer being supported by ebay.
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Other advance search features are still being supported. If you’re looking for variations of the same thing or something that can be described in different ways why not try ‘OR’ searches. Learn more.

Look out for more tips about searching and bidding on ebay.

Looking ahead to 2013?

Improving StuffAlert is our number 1 priority.

Our goal? To provide a service that make searching ebay fast, effective and simple and gives you the information you need to decide whether to buy as quickly as possible.

We’re looking at :

  • Rolling out more countries in the coming months giving you more ebay markets to search and set up alerts for
  • Adding more options to the ‘Advanced Search’ 
  • Accessing StuffAlert via your mobile devices

We love to hear about your success

Send us your stories and help inspire others with your ebay successes. We’ll post your stories online and later in the year will be giving away some ebay vouchers for the best stories we publish.

Keep searching!

The StuffAlert Team


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