• eBay March 2013 - Its been announced that eBay's instant sale trade-in program, where members can trade-in their electronics for cash has closed its doors for business in North America. The service began life in 2011 and since then some 4 million offers have been submitted since then. It ended last month (February 2013).

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    eBay have said that they have discontinued the trade-in program "based on the results of recent eBay selling pilots," as well as the company's "development of more simplified and personalized selling experiences." Instea, eBay will "continue to focus on developing new, smplified and streamlined mobile and online selling experiences," but we are working to explore different selling options for the future.

    There are many trade-in programs out there, Gazelle, Glyde and NextWorth seem to be popular if you are looking for quick cash for your electronics. However, listing your electronics on eBay (auction or Buy It Now/Best Offer) is still a way of maximising your return. Selling with original manuals and boxes also helps getting the most for your electronic goods.

  • February 2013 eBay Bucks Program : eBay has announced the closing of its eBay Bucks rewards program in Canada. Only customers who are registered with a Canadian address or on ebay.ca are impacted by this termination. eBay have confirmed that the United States eBay Bucks program is not effected and remains in effect.

    What is the eBay Bucks Program?

    The eBay Bucks rewards program is designed to reward eBay members for purchasing items on www.ebay.com (United States) or www.ebay.ca  www.cafr.ebay.ca (Canada - English & French sites Program now terminated February 2013). Basically you accrue rewards based on purchases in a period and then at the end you are issued with a eBay Bucks certificate, which can then be used to buy more stuff on eBay. Enrollment to the program is free.

    Initial testing of the program started back in 2008, moved in to a beta phase in 2009 and was officially launched in  2010.

    eBay's recent letter to Canadian participants explained that :

    "After reviewing the eBay Bucks Rewards Program, we have made the difficult decision to end the Program in Canada. We want to thank you for participating in the Program and being a valued member of our community. You'll continue to earn eBay Bucks until March 31, and in early April you'll receive your final Certificate, which will expire after 30 days."

    The eBay Bucks program offers consumers 2% back on most items purchased through the site with PayPal. eBay Bucks accumulate every three months, with a $500 cap, and members then have 30 days to redeem their eBay Bucks towards purchases with PayPal on eBay.com.

    More information : eBay Bucks Rewards Program

    If you have questions regarding the closure of the eBay Bucks rewards program in Canada please visit the eBay FAQ's page or you can email the eBay Bucks team at ebaybucksteam@ebay.com.


  • February 2013 updates to eBay.co.uk & eBay.ie : eBay have made updates this month to their United Kingdom and Ireland terms allowing Sellers more easily to specify:

    • Returns timeframe (at least 14 days)  
    • Who pays for the return postage (Seller or Buyer)

    These new options are designed to make it much easier for Sellers to manage their listings returns policy in a more consistent manner.

    eBay expects that later this year it will be mandatory for all business Sellers to provide this information for all listings.

    To learn more about these updates click here to view the eBay announcement.

  • eBay - Buyer Protection, Privacy Policy & User Agreement

     - February 2013 : eBay
    have said that they are delaying the changes to its Buyer Protection program until April as well as making some 'slight' changes to what it had announced in July 2012. They are also modifying their Privacy Policy and User Agreement, which is effective immediately for all new members and will come into effect for current members on March 26th, 2013.

    The updated Buyer Protection Policy takes effect on April 9, 2013. eBay spokesperson Ryan Moore said eBay will require buyers to contact sellers first to resolve any issues. Sellers will have at least 3 business days to respond before a buyer can ask eBay Customer Support to review and make a decision. Opened cases will no longer count towards seller performance standards. No reason was given for the delay in introducing the new policies.

    Moore said the communication process between buyers and sellers will occur via the eBay Resolution Center - not My Messages, as previously announced. "When the buyer first contacts the seller regarding an "Item Not Received" or "Item Not As Described," a case will be created in the Resolution Center to bring all communications in relation to the issue into one place. Cases opened in the Resolution Center will be an opportunity for direct communication between buyers and sellers, without eBay getting involved."

    Moore said the change would consolidate all communications for sellers, and would be an advantage in the event that the case gets escalated to eBay Customer Support, "because our Customer Service representatives will be able to evaluate the full interaction between the buyer and seller."

    Click here
    to view the eBay announcement online.