StuffAlert rolled out to 6 more ebay markets

London, England  (November 2012) – The continuing expansion of StuffAlert to 6 more European countries lets ebay buyers in those countries search and create alerts in their own language to quickly and easily find items on ebay.

Not being able to use StuffAlert for individual country ebay markets was one of the main reasons stopping ebay buyers from using the service.

ebay alerts can now be created for ebay Germany, France, Italy, Netherlands, Spain and  Switzerland taking the number of markets covered by StuffAlert to 13 including the US and Canada, UK and Australia.

Using StuffAlert ebay buyers can now search and set up alerts in their own language for any one of the 13 ebay markets currently covered as well as edit and manage all their ebay alerts online in one convenient place.

René Bachman, Managing Director of SonicZero said "Expanding StuffAlert to other ebay markets is about giving buyers a way to find stuff on their ebay market quickly and easily.’

René Bachman added "We wanted to roll out the StuffAlert service to the main European ebay markets such as Germany and Spain in time for Christmas so users have a simple tool to find gifts and other Christmas items. Who wants to be searching ebay when you can be out enjoying yourself?’

To get started eBay buyers in Germany, France, Italy, Netherlands, Spain and Switzerland, whether newcomers and seasoned users, can access the service at or for more information Contact Us.

About Soniczero and StuffAlert

SonicZero Limited is a UK based publishing software company set up to develop an ebay compatible application to make searching and finding items on ebay easier.

The upgrading and migration of StuffAlert to a new website with a less restrictive search and ebay alert service and buyer focused information in the first part of 2012 was followed in June with the roll out of the service to Australia, Canada, Hong Kong, India, Ireland and Singapore in addition to the US and UK eBay markets. The addition of 6 further European ebay markets is the next phase in the roll out with further expansion planned.

StuffAlert is free to join. Creating ebay alerts is quick and easy and language specific searches and alerts can now be created for the 13 ebay markets now covered by StuffAlert.

StuffAlert searches the selected ebay 24/7 and sends an email ebay alert with direct links to the item when new listings are found. A complete personalised record of all matching items found is available on the website.

Contact Information
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