Online meets the traditional way to shop

June 2013 - ebay's innovations team unveiled its latest project, four pop-up storefronts created for the fashion line Kate Spade Saturday. They are located in NYC and went live on June 8th and will be 'open 24/7' till July 7th.

bay inline trademark logo

This latest project supports ebays CEO John Donahoe's statement earlier this year at TC Disrupt that the company is going to use mobile technology to probe into offline commerce.

Kate Spade Saturday logo

The storefronts created are a hybrid of an advertising billboard/shop window and a vending machine, with a large touch screen built into the glass of the storefront. The DynaScan monitor on the touch screen, is capable of being operated in sunlight. They will also definitley get noticed as they have been deliberately painted the brick facade in 'vivid yellow'.  Also they are not quiet, with bells and lights going off at intervals to attract the attention of passing potential shoppers in case the vivid color of the storefront was not enough!

Basically a shopper uses the touch screen to navigate through the Saturday products available, physical examples of which are also on display behind the glass storefront. To buy the shopper enters their cell phone number and recieves a text asking to schedule a delivery. ebay and Kate Spade’s high-tech partnership, making 'window shopping' a reality will allow shoppers to buy products from these displays via PayPal with a one-hour delivery guarantee.

Kate Spade Saturday pop-up Storefont in NYC with woman using touchscreen

Only 30 items are available for sale, a small percentage of what shoppers can choose from the online store, which makes the purchase much more symbolic.The point is this is not really about  getting a great product, if that was the case then you would want to go through the entire stock to get the one you liked the most. What this is about is consumers buying into a tech service show. This is a proof of concept and an effort by a traditionally low-tech industry, fashion, to dip a toe into something a little more high-tech.