eBay UK - Easter listing promotion

eBay UK Easter 2013 Seller Promotion - is a listing promotion for casual sellers over the Easter weekend. The 'ZERO INSERTION FEES*' promotion is open to registered eBay UK Private sellers who will be able to list up to 100 free auction listings in eligible categories from March 29th through to April 1st, 2013; with the campaign asking the question 'What will you list this Easter?'.

The eBay UK promotion only applies to listings that are using the 'Auction' or 'Auction with Buy It Now option' formats, within an eligible category and that have a starting price of £1 (one pound) or more. To learn more about all the promotion details and limitiations that apply, click here.

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Tip - StuffAlert search/alert: you need to select under Advanced Options 'Auction' , this will trap both 'Auctions' and 'Auction with the Buy It Now option'.

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