ebay UK - 1 in 3 are now on mobile

June 2013 ebay UK - around one in three transactions on ebay UK are now coming from mobile, revealed by ebays Head of Europe, Clare Gilmartin in recent interviews.

ebay launched its first app in 2007 and it is reported that 160 million downloads of their app have occured since then. The ebay app comes pre-installed on many smartphones and tablets and the download figure here does not take that into account.

ebay application (iOS) icon

ebay have been focusing efforts within the mobile market for a while now, and globally they achieved $13 billion in mobile transactions and expects this year (2013) for the figure to rise to $20 billion.

ebay Head of Europe, Clare Gilmartin in a recent interview with the Daily Telegraph claimed that they are firmly on the side of small retailers and businesses, "We are only successful if retailers are successful. Unlike Amazon, we don't stock our own inventory." In the same interview she also revealed that ebay has spotted the benefits of 'click & collect' and intends to launch such a service soon.

A 'click & collect' service benefits both retailers and consumers. The convenience of going to high street store to pick up a product for the consumer and the saving on shipping for the retailers.