eBay - selling restrictions new Samsung Galaxy S4

eBay US selling limitations on new Galaxy S® 4 - With the up and coming launch of the Samsung Galaxy S4 smartphone round the corner, eBay have put in place selling restrictions. This is not the first time this has been done and they have been putting these pre-sale restrictions in place on popular products (Apple, Sony, Nintendo etc.) since 2007.

Why do they do it? - Well unfortunately eBay is still a popular playground for scammers trying to get people to buy ghost products and also genuine Sellers can 'over promise' on high-demand items, creating frustration with Buyers where Sellers can't deliver. Not good for business!

The eBay limitations are in place with Authorized Samsung Resellers who are limited to 25 phones per week 30 days prior to the launch date; Top Rated Sellers may list up to 4 per week and Sellers who meet eBay's Minimum Performance Standards may list up to 1 item per week.

As soon as the Samsung Galaxay S® 4 is launched (rumoured May/June laucn in US), most Sellers will be allowed to list them  with the following restrictions :

  • Samsung Authorized Resellers - no restrictions.
  • eBay Top Rated Sellers - list up to 8 items per week. 
  • eBay Sellers meeting Minimum Performance Standards - list up to 4 items per wek. 
  • eBay Sellers who ahve confirmed their personal information - list 1 item per week.
Click here to see new Samsung Galaxy S4 listed on eBay (US), (Pre-order items).

Samsung Galaxy S4 smartphone

It's fair to say that stocks on eBay will be limited!

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