ebay removes Wildcard* Advanced Search capability

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ebay changes to the advance search capabilities -

ebay confirmed it is rolling out changes to its advanced search functionality that will result in the end of wildcard (*) searching. After 5th November 2012 the wildcard feature will no longer be supported by ebay.

ebay has justified this change on the basis that using specific terms is a more efficient and effective way to expand a search than using wildcard searches which can deliver unintended variations of a search term that clutter your search results.

The wildcard feature allowed users to include an asterix (*) in their keyword search so that the search results included all spelling variations containing that search criteria. For example, the search results of 'ip*' might include listings with 'ipod, ipods, ipad, ipads, iphone, iphones etc. in the title.

This search feature could be used on StuffAlert. If you have set up alerts using the wildcard feature we recommend you sign in and then edit those alerts. You may wish to consider the use of the other advance features that could help you get the same or similiar results to those you got through using a wildcard.

To find out more about other advanced search features which continue to be supported by ebay, please click here to view our FAQ on the subject.

StuffAlert continues to monitor changes ebay have made or are proposing to make to ensure you are offered the best search and alert service. Look out for more updates on new features we a adding to StuffAlert.

If you have any specific questions on this or any other matter please feel free to Contact Us and we will be happy to help.

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The StuffAlert Team