eBay - 'ReLove' Auction Promotion

eBay US, eBay Motors & eBay Canada April 2013 - There is a weeklong promotion where 'invited Sellers' can list upto 100,00 items and pay no listing fees. It started on April 7th and runs through to April 13, 2013 and ties to the eBay Green Team 'ReLove campaign, which promotes an environmental midset towards the buying and selling of used 'pre-loved' items.

The promotions is for Sellers on the eBay U.S., eBay Motors (Parts and Accessories only) and eBay Canada websites, or with an eBay mobile application for iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows Phone or Blackberry in the US and Canada. Sellers will be able to add the Buy It Now option and 10-day duration at no additional cost. All other fees apply, visit eBay website for all details and restrictions.

The 'ReLove' campaign is all about eBay's Green Team idea of introducing a new way of thinking about buying and selling pre-owned products as something more than a simple transaction.

"ReLove is when those once-loved favorites of yours become the "now" favorites of someone new, and vice-versa. ReLove gives us an opportunity to connect with one another while we find the things we love and want, and minimize our impact on the environment in the process."


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