eBay closing electronics trade-in program

eBay March 2013 - Its been announced that eBay's instant sale trade-in program, where members can trade-in their electronics for cash has closed its doors for business in North America. The service began life in 2011 and since then some 4 million offers have been submitted since then. It ended last month (February 2013).

The new eBay logo

eBay have said that they have discontinued the trade-in program "based on the results of recent eBay selling pilots," as well as the company's "development of more simplified and personalized selling experiences." Instea, eBay will "continue to focus on developing new, smplified and streamlined mobile and online selling experiences," but we are working to explore different selling options for the future.

There are many trade-in programs out there, Gazelle, Glyde and NextWorth seem to be popular if you are looking for quick cash for your electronics. However, listing your electronics on eBay (auction or Buy It Now/Best Offer) is still a way of maximising your return. Selling with original manuals and boxes also helps getting the most for your electronic goods.