How to change My Password

Changing your Password is something you may wish to do from time to time. Below we describe how you change your password by signing in and changing your password within your Account details (Edit My Account). It takes just 4 simple steps to change your password once signed in.

Changing your Password (signed in)

  1. Select the drop down  'sign in/register' panel which is located in top right hand corner of the page and sign-in to StuffAlert using your Username or Email Address and current Password.

  2. Once signed-in then select the drop down 'My Account' panel which is located in top right hand corner of the page and click on the link labelled 'Edit My Details'. This will then display your Account details which you can then change.

  3. Enter your 'Current Password' in the field labelled 'Current password'. Then scroll down page and enter your new password in the fields labelled "Password' and 'Confirm password'.
    (There is also a password strength1 indicator bar that shows you real-time how 'strong'    the new password is.)

  4. Then scroll down the page to the bottom and click on the button labelled  'Save'. You have now updated your password.

 If you have forgotten your password click here to find out How to recover/reset your Password.

Password Strength1 : Passwords are 'case sensitive' and need to be a minimum of  6 characters long. We recommend you use a combination of letters (upper and/or lower case), numbers and special characters like &, @, $ etc. The system will reject any passwords that are using any characters that are 'illegal' ie not allowed to be used.


The StuffAlert Team