Why has my account been blocked?

Your account would get blocked for one of two reasons :

(1)    Inappropriate use of our service and a breach of our Terms & Conditions, click here to read our terms of use for our website and service.


(2)    You had multiple accounts and they have been systematically merged in the new system. If this is the case, please do not worry you will still have an active account and no data has been lost.

If it is (2) , you will have got an email from us addressed to your active username and email address telling you in the email body heading which account has been blocked. Sorry for any confusion this process creates. For the avoidance of doubt the accounts that have been blocked are the ones that have been merged into the active account and then deleted.

Why did we merge accounts?
In our new system your email address has to be unique to your account, the same email address can not be used in different accounts. In our old system there were  accounts where the email address was used more than once, hence to deal with the new system requirements we merged the effected accounts.

Why did I have multiple accounts with the same email address?
There are of a couple of reasons for that too.
(i)  The most probable one was that your email address was used more than once as a result of multiple attempts to register in the old system.
(ii) You genuinely created more than one account but it used the same email address.

Please note as of 18th April 2012, if you are a user that has had your accounts merged you will not be able to use your email address as your username to sign in. Your actual active username can be used to sign in. This temporary issue will also mean you wont be able to edit your details. This problem is being urgently worked on check back to this FAQ as well as our  Twitter and Facebook feeds as to updates on the fix. Please accept our appologies for any inconviences this may casue.

The StufAlert Team


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