Why does (did) StuffAlert automatically Pause an Alert I have?

If you have received an email telling you we have automatically 'Paused' one of your Alerts, please don't worry.

Our goal is to make sure that you receive a valuable service which includes avoiding sending you email alerts containing lots and lots of eBay items.

StuffAlert is designed to help you find exactly what you are looking for. If too many items are being found you may be getting information that of little use to you. It may be appropriate therefore to edit your alert by making your search more specific.

By pausing your alert and making you aware of this situation we hope to help you manage your Alerts before you overloaded with unwanted eBay item information.

So how does this feature work?

  • If 150* items or more are found your Alert email will not contain the eBay items we found for that Alert. Your Alert will also have been automatically 'Paused'. The email will explain the actions you need to take.
    (*If more than 50 but less than 150 items are found click here to find out more.)
  • Found eBay items for the Alert will be listed in My Found Stuff.
    (This is a one time action. No further items will be added until you reactivate the Alert which we recommend you edit first).

On receiving a 'Paused Alert Notification' we suggest  you :

  • Sign in and go to your Account
  • Click on My Alerts and edit the Alert to make it more specific
  • Reactivate the Alert

Editing your Alert should help focus your search so the results for that Alert more closely match what you are looking for.

Why did I suddenly get more than 150 items found for an Alert?

Well there are a couple of possible reasons:-

1.   As part of the migration to StuffAlert 2.0 improvements were made to the way StuffAlert synchronises with eBay categories.

The result of this change was that there were instances where categories you may have used no longer existed. In this situation the default was to use 'All' categoris for the Alert. Also keywords originally used may have been very specific and focused within a category and item being searched for. Therefore the search criteria (keywords and/or category) my be now be too broad as a result of the changes made increasing the number of found eBay items.

2.   The other reason could be an eBay Seller has genuinely listed a large quanity of items that match your Alert. As a result StuffAlert is those items that match your Alert and sending you an email containing this information. By  'Pausing' the Alert you have the opportunity to refine your search as necessary to get the results you are looking for.



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