Why do I need to check my saved alerts in the new StuffAlert?

In the new version of StuffAlert we revisited the way we presented ebay categories for you to select and search against.

The previous version of StuffAlert used an ebay category list that was a merged US and UK ebay list. This approach was extremely difficult to manage and, in the event that new ebay markets are added to StuffAlert, potentially increasing complex to handle effectively.

We therefore took the decision to simplify category selection by exactly mirroring eBay categories so the StuffAlert categories are the same as the eBay site (ebay.com, ebay.co.uk etc.) being searched.

Given the above change we had to come up with a way of migrating user searches, which may have included specfic categories, to the new service. The most practical solution was to default all saved searches and alerts to "ALL" categories.

StuffAlert no longer offers a merged search of the US and UK ebay sites. If you want to search both markets you will now need to create individual alerts for each of ebay.com and ebay.co.uk.

Users of the original StuffAlert service are asked to review their exisiting alerts and edit them accordingly as they relate to categories.


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