Why do I have duplicate Alerts?

In the original version of StuffAlert, there was the ability to save an Alert that would search both ebay US (ebay.com) and ebay UK (ebay.co.uk) by using the 'ALL'  filter selection for ebay sites.

When we search ebay for you, it is not only the ebay site we have to manage but the category being search within the ebay site. Beleive it or not ebay sites (US, UK etc.) do have slightly different category lists. Click here to learn more about how the categories list works. Going forward this was something that was proving too difficult to manage, especially given we are adding in more ebay sites to search.

So in the new system we removed 'ALL' ebay sites filter and replaced it with ebay site country specific selections (US, UK and more).

If you joined StuffAlert before 9th March 2012 and had saved with us Alerts (Active or Paused) that were using the 'ALL' ebay site filter then when we migrated your account and data across, and as part of that process we duplicated any Alert that was set for ALL ebay sites and created 2 in its place, one for ebay US and one for ebay UK.

With the number of users and Alerts that we had to migrate this was the most pragmatic solution for dealing with the changes we were making in the new system as well as keeping the integrity of your search data, i.e. you had set it up wanting to search bith US and UK by using ALL.

To manage your Alerts go to 'My Account' and select 'Edit My Alerts' to change any Alert settings including deleting any unwanted Alerts.

If you have any further questions about this or any other changes we have made then please feel free to Contact Us.


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