Why am I not getting emails from you anymore?

There are probably a few reasons that you are not getting emails from us.

1.  Your active alerts are not finding any matches in eBay !

  • We suggest you go to My Account and My Alerts and make sure that they are 'active' and if need be edit the 'keywords' being used for the search and or amend your 'category' selection for the alert.

Click here to find out more about viewing and editing your alerts.

2.  Your email inbox is full !

  • If you are using a web based mail client (e.g. GMail etc.) you will have a storage limit associated with your email address. Overtime if you do not manage that effectively you will get to a point where you exceed your limit and hence the problem.
  • We do get emails back telling us that your email box is full, however given the problem we cant do anything for you (not worth sending you a message as that too would bonce back!).
  • There are many articles out there on the web, including FAQ and Tips that your mail provider will have written that help you manage your 'inbox'.


3.  Our emails are being seen as Spam or Junk !

  • Unfortunately there are people out there who are intent on spam and junk mailing us all and it  therefore is an ongoing battle to deal with this.
  • There may have been recent updates/changes made to the spam/junk filtering used by your email and internet service provider as well as within mail client (your email application) that now seen us as spam or junk email.

This is an ongoing process that we do all we can to prevent this from happening, however from time to time it could be the case.

We recommend that you add us to your email address book to prevent this. If we are an email address in your address book then the mail systems will not treat us as Spam or Junk email.

We have a some other FAQ's related to this subject.

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