Which email alert frequency should I choose?

When creating an alert you'll need to decide how often you want to receive email alerts from StuffAlert.

You can choose

  • Standard
  • Daily
  • Never


 Standard Alerts

Email alerts will be sent to you every 4 hours if new items matching your search have been found by StuffAlert during that period. The timing of when the item is found in the 4 hour period makes no difference to when the alert is sent to you. Choose this option if you want to be notified regularly of items that have been found for you.

 Daily Alerts

A single email will be sent to you each day summarising all the items that StuffAlert has found for you during the preceding 24 hour period. Choose this option if you want to reduce the number of emails you receive each day and where early notification that a matching item has been found on eBay is not important.


You can choose not to receive any email alerts and refer to my Found Stuff to see a complete list of all items StuffAlert has found matching you search.

 TIP Remember that you can turn your alerts on and off at any time in which event you will not receive any alerts and no items will be added to My Found Stuff.


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