What is StuffAlert?

StuffAlert is a simple service that lets you do ebay the easy way. It has been successfully helping users locate hard to find items for over 5 years by letting set up email alerts where an item could not be found on ebay at the time of their search.

This ebay automatic search and alert service has been developed in repsonse to users requests and and an improved StuffAlert service was relaunched in February 2012.

You can now search 13 ebay markets using StuffAlert, with more to follow as the service expands, to find out more about what ebay sites we can seach for you, click here.

Now StuffAlert lets you create alerts provided fewer than 200 items have been found whilst at the same time automatically generating a record of all items matching your search.

 ..If there's something specific you want and you can't find it on ebay let StuffAlert do the searching for you. No more manual searching - we do the boring bit automatically searching ebay and then when somebody lists an item matching your search we send you an email ebay alert with a link to the item(s) we have found for you!

StuffAlert - ebay the easy way.


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