How do I stop your emails being seen as SPAM?

Spam is unfortunately a problem that effects many companies that send lots of emails. The problem is further compounded by ISP's and email providers employing ever changing ways of managing SPAM.

No one likes SPAM - it is a continual battle for all concerned.If you stop receiving our eBay alerts first check your spam/junk folders. It's annoying but genuine emails sometimes gets dumped into these folders.

The simplest way to stop StuffAlert emails from being treated as spam is to ensure that we are in your address book. All our emails provide this recommendation; it's the simplest and most effective way of dealing with this potential problem.

Also if you are using a work email address, your company may have email policies that automatically filter and prevent you from receiving email that is believed to be inappropriate and in contravention of the company's email useage policy. There is not much we can do if this is the case, you need to speak to your email administrator to see what can be done or use a perosnal email address.


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