How do I get started StuffAlert?

Simply register to create an account. Once you have registrated an email will be sent to you and your account activated when you click on the validation link.You are now ready sign in, search ebay and set up automatic ebay alerts if StuffAlert doesn't find exactly what you're looking for.

StuffAlert searches ebay 24/7. When your item is found an email with a link direct to that item will be sent to you! No need for you to keep searching ebay - STUFFALERT DOES IT FOR YOU! Set up an automatic search ONE TIME! Add as many automatic ebay searches as you want.

You manage your alerts and can switch them on or off  easily at any time.

All your searches are saved and items found by StuffAlert added to your My Found Stuff. So if you delete an email alert by mistake no problem just go to My Found Stuff to find a complete record of everything StuffAlert has found.

We never ask for your ebay username or password. Nobody sees the ebay alerts you set up. StuffAlert is 100% PRIVATE.



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