Can I use ebay advance (Boolean logic) search features?

You can use ebay's advance search features using search operators when you use StuffAlert to search and create eBay alerts.

As with ebay you can search for items simply by entering keywords in the search box. They are not case sensitive, so it does not matter if you use capital or lower case letters.

You can refine your search and obtain more accurate results by combining search operators with your keywords.

The use of operators is also referred to as Boolean logic and a list of operators is given below.

Operators and what they do?
OperatorEffect on SearchExample

Quotation marks
" "
These are also refered to
as quotation marks or double

When used the search is 
only for the word or phrase in the item listings title. 

"Apple iPad2" will return item listings that 
have these exact words in this order in the 
item listing title.

"AppleiPad2 will return item listings that 
have the exact words Apple and iPad2 in the title in any order. 

Asterix *

NOTE : This advanced search feature is being withdrawn by ebay from 5th November 2012

This acts as a wild card operator.

Note: The * can not be used at the beginning of a search query, it must have at least 2 other characters before it.

Book* will return item listings that start with book in the title, for example books, bookmark, bookshelf.
Parentheses around keywords separated by commasTogether these act as an OR operator(vintage,Rolex) will return listings that contain the word vintage OR Rolex in the item listing title.
Minus sign - 

This acts as a NOT operator

Note: To use correctly you need a space before the minus sign and no space after it.

Tennis Racket - Wilson will return listings 
that have Tennis Racket in the item listing 
title and do NOT have the word Wilson in the item listing title.

Tennis Racket -(Wilson,Slazenger) or Tennis 
Racket -Wilson -Slazenger
will return listings that contain the word Tennis Racket but NOT the words Wilson or Slazenger.

The above are useful features and allow for a more focused search for a specific item. They need to be used carefully with your targeted keywords to help ensure you find exactly what you are looking for but don't miss any bargains!


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