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Can I use ebay advance (Boolean logic) search features?

You can use ebay's advance search features using search operators when you use StuffAlert to search and create eBay alerts.

As with ebay you can search for items simply by entering keywords in the search box. They are not case sensitive, so it does not matter if you use capital or lower case letters.

You can refine your search and obtain more accurate results by combining search operators with your keywords.

Why do I need to check my saved alerts in the new StuffAlert?

In the new version of StuffAlert we revisited the way we presented ebay categories for you to select and search against.

The previous version of StuffAlert used an ebay category list that was a merged US and UK ebay list. This approach was extremely difficult to manage and, in the event that new ebay markets are added to StuffAlert, potentially increasing complex to handle effectively.

How does the categories list work?

StuffAlert searches the individual ebay Market (eBay US, UK etc.) you have selected. Believe it or not, the category lists are different as between the various ebay Markets. For example in US ebay you will find a Category "Cell Phones & PDAs" whilst in UK ebay the same category is called "Mobile & Home Phones". So although both markets speak English different words are used to say the same thing.