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Do I need to set my Time zone?

The simple answer is it is an option, so no you do not need to change it.

If you do change it then all the dates and times you see when you are signed in to the website will be relative to your Time zone, including the Start and End date and times for any items we found for you that are in My Found Stuff.

Oops, I forgot my password!

From time to time we forget our passwords and need to reset passwords. If reset password is what is needed then no problem. So how do I reset my password? Go to the top tab  'sign in / register' and click on the 'Forgotten Password?' link under the sign in box to request a new passsword, or click 'My Account' menu link in the footer and then 'Request new password' below the sign in and password boxes.

Why does StuffAlert include your name, email address and username in emails?

People who send spoof emails generally don't have your first and last name as well as your StuffAlert username and email address. So sending an email that contains this information should increase your confidence that it was sent by us.

There may still be instances where spoof emails do contain your first and last name as well as your StuffAlert username, so inclusion of this information doesn’t necessarily guarantee that the email is from us.