Using StuffAlert

Common Sense Fair Usage Policy

StuffAlert is a free Service that allows you to search eBay and get notified by email when keyword searches for items you have saved with us are found on eBay. The Service we offer is founded on the principal of searching eBay for "hard to find" items or stuff that is not listed regularly on eBay, providing a safe, hassle free, 365 24/7, automated way of searching for these items on eBay for you.

It is important to us as the provider of this Service that the information we send and hold for you is relevant and manageable. Here we explain our Common Sense Fair Usage Policy for StuffAlert

Our Service is aligned to the principals of what StuffAlert was founded on. We have systematic measures and processes that limits the number of items found before you can save an alert, as well as processes that manage situations where the amount of items found for an alert saved with us are limited.

We have not set StuffAlert eBay saved alerts limits as a number, but operate a "common sense fair usage policy" as to what is an acceptable amount of saved alerts (active or paused) and found eBay items; this being the ability of the user to effectively manage the quantity of information (data) that is created as a result of using our Service. For the avoidance of doubt, information (data) is the number of emails that we will send (quantity and frequency (per hour/per day/per week)) along with the number of items found and kept in the users My Found Stuff section of their account.

The way in which the policy is administered is in two parts.

  1. The expectation of the user adopting a common sense approach to uphold our fair usage of StuffAlert by managing their account regularly (editing, pausing or deleting alerts) so as to maintain a manageable amount of information (data) sent to and held for them.
  2. The periodic maintenance of our systems and databases identifies for us user accounts where the use of StuffAlert breaches what we deem as the "common sense fair usage policy"; and in these instances allow us to take the necessary actions to manage these occurrences for the benefit of all our users and our Service.

To use StuffAlert you are required to accept our Terms and Conditions on registration. To review all our legal information use the links here or the ones at the footer of our all pages.

We reserve the right, at our sole discretion, to modify, alter or otherwise update this policy at any time. Any changes are effective immediately.

We want all users of StuffAlert to benefit from our Service and how it is used forms a large part of that. If you have any questions on this or any other StuffAlert related matter, please get in touch by using Contact Us form.