StuffAlert now searches eBay Australia

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StuffAlert now searches and creates alerts for eBay Australia
Great News! - StuffAlert now searches and creates alerts for eBay Australia

You asked countless times when StuffAlert was coming to Australia. It has finally arrived along with 4 more English speaking eBay markets - Canada, India, Ireland and Singapore. Including the US and UK,  StuffAlert now searches 7 eBay markets.

To search eBay Australia simply sign in and click on Search Now! or My Options.  Create your search in the usual way  and choose Australia from the dropdown box to search eBay Australia.

Don’t see what you’re looking for …. click Save to create an alert. You’ve just instructed StuffAlert to search eBay Australia 24/7 and send you an email when a new listing is found. Couldn’t be easier.

Set up eBay alerts for different markets and check out where the best deals are to be had in your region.

Remember you can see everything that StuffAlert finds for you in My Found Stuff. Just go to My  Options – My Found Stuff after signing in.

Why not check out eBay Australia now and see what you can find. And…if you make a great buy send us your success story and help inspire others. We’ll be handing out awards later in the year for the best Success Stories.

Use your iPad or tablet to access StuffAlert on the go. No need to download any apps. StuffAlert is built for iPads and tablets and will be available on iPhones and other smartphones later in the year.

Like StuffAlert then spread the word and Tell a Friend. The more users the more we can develop StuffAlert. Watch out for other new features that are in the pipeline.


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