StuffAlert - ebay the easy way

Set up an automatic ebay search even where StuffAlert has found matching items. If fewer than 200 items are found and not one is exactly what you want then save your search. When StuffAlert finds new listings you’ll get an email alert with a link direct to the item on ebay! Let StuffAlert will keep searching until it finds exactly what you’re looking for.

Looking for something that's hard to find? Fed up repeatedly searching ebay every day only to find it's not listed? Then let StuffAlert do the hard work. Set up an alert just one time and receive ebay alerts when  matching items are found. To learn more about creating an ebay alert with StuffAlert click here.

Use StuffAlert to help you find the ‘Buy it Now' or 'Auction' items you're looking for so you can grab them before someone else does.

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