Welcome to 'STUFF'. This section is all about  about giving you some useful information and resources all of which are focused on enhancing your ebay buying experience with StuffAlert.

Lots of useful ebay Stuff and handy ebay buying tips to mention but a few. Basically advice and resources what this section is all about. So from from bidding strategies through to useful tips when buying from businesses on eBay all here to help your ebay experience with StuffAlert.

We have a News section which is all about what's happening in the world of StuffAlert, what are we doing, what we planning, changes we make as a result of your feedback, press releases and all that good "Stuff". All of it about continuing to assist you our Users around your complete ebay buying experience, with a little help from StuffAlert.

We also have a section on success stories "StuffAlert Finds", real examples of how the automatic ebay Search tool,  StuffAlert, has helped our Users  to find lots of stuff; from mountain bikes to car engines, we have helped thousands of people to date. So Contact Us and share your success stories so we can share with others.

Frequently Asked Questions is here as well, basically those questions you may have about how to use our automatic ebay search and alert engine, StuffAlert, to help you find those rare and hard to find items. 

We also have a section on Hard to Find "STUFF". Here we also have a feature on Collectibles. There has been many finds of rare collectible items our Users have found using StuffAlert, rare first edition books to rare box set records (vinyl Long Playing (LP) albums), yes people still really collect these!

We will be adding lots of new stuff over the coming weeks and months, so happy hunting and hope this all helps.....

We are here to Help...just ask Fergus the Fish...

The StuffAlert Team