The new StuffAlert website launching soon

As a registered user of StuffAlert you may be aware that our eBay search and email alert service is being migrated to a new website very soon.

We’re really excited to be launching a revamped StuffAlert service that has been improved in response to requests from our many, many thousands of users around the world.

Now you’ll be able to

  • Save searches and create alerts even where up to 25 items have been found 

  • Manage your eBay searches and alerts in one place 

  • Access a list of found items that StuffAlert automatically creates for you

Deleted an alert by mistake? Prefer not to receive email alerts? No problem sign in and use My Found Stuff to see everything that StuffAlert has found for you.

We're also making some changes to the registration/sign in process and to the way StuffAlert searches eBay websites. We’ll tell you more about these changes in further emails we’ll be sending you as we prepare to migrate to and launch the new look website.

Become savvy eBay buyers!

One of our aims is to help our users become savvy eBay buyers. There’s lots of information out there for eBay sellers about how to make money. We thought it was time that eBay buyers got some help and guidance about buying smarter and better in these challenging times.

So to complement the StuffAlert eBay search and alert service we’ve added some eBay information which we’d like to grow and develop into a useful eBay buyer resource. We’d like StuffAlert users to share their eBay buying tips.

We’ll also be launching a quarterly newsletter 'StuffAlert Newswire'


Use StuffAlert to find exactly what you’re looking for on eBay and do eBay the easy way!  

StuffAlert 2.0 is coming soon...


Keep searching

  The StuffAlert Team