How to use My Found Stuff

'My Found Stuff' is a list of all items StuffAlert has found matching your saved ebay alerts including items found during the initial search and subsequently sent to you by email.

So if you want details of an item in a StuffAlert email you’ve deleted no problem you’ll be able to find it in 'My Found Stuff'. You can even choose not to receive alert emails when you create an alert and rely on 'My Found Stuff' to see what StuffAlert has found.

'My Found Stuff' contains the same information as in your email alerts. You can click on the 'image', 'title' or 'price (see latest)' to be taken direct to the item on ebay you're interested in and the latest listing information.

eBay items listed in 'My Found Stuff' will remain displayed for a maximum of 60 days. After this time they will be automatically removed. Please note that ebay keeps item details available for a maximum of 90 days after the listing end date.

Permanently delete items you are no longer interested in by ticking the box next to the item and clicking on the 'Delete' button at the bottom of the page.


The StuffAlert Team