How to edit/view an Alert

My Alerts gives you complete control over your existing alerts. It contains a list summarising the details of your existing alerts which you can turn on or off as well as delete or edit.

  • To Pause, Activate or Delete all the alerts listed on the page tick the box next to 'Alert name'. This will automatically tick all boxes. Click on the 'Delete' button at the bottom of the page.

  • To turn an individual alert on and off click the button next to the alert under the heading 'Change Status'. The button indicates whether the alert will be activated or paused when it is clicked.

  • To switch more than one alert either on or off tick the box next to the alerts you want to change and click the 'Pause' or 'Activate' button at the bottom of the page.

  • To edit an alert click on the 'Edit' button next to the alert you want to change. A new window will open showing you the details of your existing alert.

The 'Edit' button allows you to change an existing alert and to search again using your revised search criteria. Once you have edited your alert click 'Find' to start a new search. If less than 200 items are found you will be able to save your revised alert.

You can edit the name of your alert and email alert frequency. This revised alert will replace the previous one.

StuffAlert will now send you email alerts matching your revised alert.

When you edit or delete an existing alert from 'My Alerts' the items StuffAlert has found will remain listed in 'My Found Stuff' for 60 days from the closing of the listing unless deleted by you.


The StuffAlert Team