How to create an Alert

Creating a new ebay alert couldn’t be simpler. You will find a progress bar at the top page telling you where you are in the process. So let’s get started...

  1. Sign in. If you are not signed in you will be prompted to do so or to register
  2. Click on the Search Now! button that appears on every web page except 'My Options' and those where you create an alert.  

A new page will open where you can begin to create your ebay alert. 

  1. Enter the keywords that describe the item you’re looking for. For more information on keywords click here
  2. Select the ebay market you want StuffAlert to search. You will be reminded to choose an ebay site if you forget to select one.
  3. Select a category to search if you want. If you do not choose a category 'All' categories will be automatically selected.
  4. Click on the  Advanced button to reveal additional advanced search features to filter your search on. You don't have to use this, it is optional.
  5. Click on the Find> button at the bottom of the page.

A new review page will open automatically displaying the results of our ebay search. A number of different results may be obtained.

  1. No items found matching your search.
  2. Less than 200 items found matching your search.
  3. More than 200 items found matching your search.

If no items or less than 200 items are found you can create an alert.

 Review what StuffAlert has found. Click on the Next> button if you want to save your search and create an alert.

    You will be taken to a new page where you can save your alert.

    1. Give it a short memorable Alert Name.
    2. Decide how often you would like to receive email alerts. Learn more.
    3. Press Finish to save your alert.  

    You will see a message confirming that your alert has been save. Any items found will be added to your 'My Found Stuff'.

    If more than 200 items are found you will be asked to go back and refine your search.

    1. Click on the Back button.
    2. Add some more words keywords to your search.
    3. You can also click the Advanced button and add some additional search filters to be applied to your search, this is otional you do not have to do this.
    4. Click the Find> button.
    5. Review what StuffAlert has found this time.
    6. Click on the Next> button and complete the previously described three steps to save your alert.

    Congratulations you have just created your first StuffAlert ebay alert!

    You can also create a new ebay alert by clicking on the ‘My Options’ tab and selecting the 'New Alert' button, then follow the process as described above.


    Keep searching

    TheStuffAlert Team