How to

this website...

  • Wherever you see the logo that will take you back to the Home Page.
  • To use our StuffAlert Search tool, you need to have registered. Once signed in, the Search Now!  button located at top right of every page takes you to the search page. Also you can navigate to the search page by selecting My Options menu item in the Main Menu. From My Options you can create a new alert or edit/delete your existing alerts.
    Please note if you are not a registered for our service attempting to create a Search, we will always prompt you to register with us first
  • You have Main Menu navigation across the top of each page. What you see are the Main Menu title, if that Menu tile has other sections under it you will be presented with a drop down box with the secondary items to select.
  • On some pages you will see 'In this section' in the sidebar (right hand side of the screen).  Here you will see a number of navigation options to get to the various pages listed.
  • You can always use the back button on your Browser and it will take you back to the page you previously visited within the site.
  • Also throughout the website you will see certain words and phrases underlined. When you hoover your mouse pointer over them you will see descriptor appear in a small yellow box, describing where you will be taken to if you clicked on the underlined text.

    If the words and phrases are related to somewhere within this website, when clicked it will take you to the page it is related to. For example Contact Us always takes you to Contact Us.

    If the words or phrases are related to external website links, when clicked it will open a new window and take you to that website. For example takes you to an external website

    If there is a problem with a link (it can't be found), you will get a Page 404 Error message, don't worry, this can happen from time to time. To learn more abou this click here.
  • Navigating this website is simple and follows standard conventions used within websites. We ensure we test everything before it is published however if you do find a problem please Contact Us and we will fix it.


The StuffAlert Team