Hard to Find Stuff

Let StuffAlert help you track down Hard To Find Stuff


StuffAlert can help you track down "hard to find" items on eBay. Every day StuffAlert's eBay alerts help users find exactly what they want whether its a mountain bike, car engine or specialist computer parts.

Interested in collectibles such as rare and first edition books, pottery, vinyl records (Long Playing (LP) albums to you and me!)? Create an alert and let StuffAlert do the boring searching 24/7 and automatically send you email alerts when something matching your search is found.

You can save searches and create alerts where fewer than 25 items are found. So now you can use StuffAlert to track newly listed items even if similar items have been found. You will be notified every time a new item is listed and can see a complete record of what has been found in My Found Stuff.

To help you with your quest for those hard to find items we adding information about various related topics. The task is vast so keep coming back to see what has been added. 

If you have some information you would like to share, Contact Us. We will try to include it with future updates. Please remember to tell us whether you want to be credited with the information or remain anonymous!

Tings you can find using StuffAlert the automatic eBay alert service